Garlic-infused delight


  • Zucchini: 2 medium (about 400g), thinly sliced
  • Salt: 1.5 teaspoons
  • Garlic: 6 cloves, minced
  • Black pepper: To taste
  • Fresh dill: 1/4 cup, chopped
  • Fresh parsley: 1/4 cup, chopped
  • Red pepper flakes: A pinch (optional, for heat)
  • Olive oil: 3 tablespoons
  • Paper towels: For draining


  1. Salt the zucchini: Place the thinly sliced zucchini in a colander and sprinkle with 1.5 teaspoons of salt. Allow it to sit for 15-20 minutes to draw out moisture.
  2. Pat dry: After the zucchini has rested, take a few slices at a time and pat them dry with paper towels to remove excess moisture.
  3. Sauté the garlic: In a large skillet, heat olive oil over medium heat. Add minced garlic and sauté for about a minute, until fragrant but not browned.
  4. Cook the zucchini: Add the zucchini slices to the skillet in a single layer. Cook for 2-3 minutes on each side until golden brown and tender. Cook in batches if needed to avoid overcrowding the pan. Transfer cooked zucchini slices to a serving platter.
  5. Season the zucchini: While the zucchini is still hot, season it with freshly ground black pepper, a pinch of red pepper flakes (if using), and chopped fresh dill and parsley. Gently toss to combine.
  6. Serve and enjoy: Serve the Spanish garlic zucchini warm as a delightful side dish with its simplicity and depth of flavor.

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